Objectives of the SASTQB

The objectives of the South African Software Testing Qualifications Board


  • To contribute to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training programs.


  • To provide an internationally recognised qualification.


  • To attract outsourcing to SA through alignment with international standards.


  • To co-ordinate and standardise all national training requirements and certification.


  • To ensure that quality training and certification are obtained and retained.


  • To have a standard to which all companies can relate and acquire quality certified resources.


  • To incorporate tertiary institutions and to promote testing as a professional career in the industry.


  • To be an entry point into the market at an affordable price and increase the number of resources available to meet market needs.


  • To retain resources as well as create job opportunities within South Africa.


  • To provide a credible professional qualification to candidates and enable commensurate remuneration.


  • To supply a much-needed, constant stream of skilled resources to the South African market.