IREB CPRE FL (Foundation Level)

IREB CPRE FL – Foundation Level

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The International Requirements Engineering Board is responsible for the international scheme called Certified Professional Requirements Engineering. The SASTQB is recognised by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) as an IREB – CPRE Exam Provider.

Foundation level comprises basic knowledge of eliciting, analysing, specifying, documenting, validating and managing requirements. A person with a CPRE FL certificate is familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering/business analysis and requirements management. Understands the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and their application and is familiar with the most established notations for requirements.

Objectives of the Foundation Certificate qualification

  • Knowing various types of requirements sources

  • Knowing the significance of requirements sources and the consequences of disregarded requirements sources
  • Knowing the most important information of the stakeholder documentation
  • Knowing important principles in dealing with stakeholders (stakeholder rights and duties)
  • Mastering and using the content and significance of the Kano model
  • Knowing influencing factors for the choice of elicitation techniques
  • Knowing advantages and disadvantages of elicitation techniques
  • Mastering and using the following types of elicitation techniques and examples for each: survey techniques, creativity techniques, document-centred techniques, observation techniques and supporting techniques


The foundation level addresses the needs of all people involved in the topic of requirements engineering. This includes people in roles such as project or IT management, domain experts, system analysts, software developers and software testers.

This syllabus allows internationally consistent teaching and examination. The syllabus contains the following.

  • General Education objectives
  • Contents with description of the educational objectives
  • References to further literature

Each module is assigned by a cognitive level. A higher level includes the lower levels.

  • L1(knowing): enumerate, characterise, recognised, name, reflect
  • L2 (Mastering and using); analyse, use, execute, justify, describe, judge, display, design, develop, complete, explain, exemplify, elicit, formulate, identify, interpret, conclude from, assign, differentiate, compare, understand, suggest, summarise

All terms defined in the glossary have to be known (L1) even if they are not explicitly mentioned in the educational objectives.

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Exam Format

The exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions. You have 75 minutes to answer those questions. Depending on the difficulty of each question yields 1 to 3 points. The achievable points are given in the header of the question.