ISTQB® Partner Program

Contact us should you want to become an ISTB Partner.

The ISTQB Partner Program recognises organisations with a demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications.


The program comprises four levels of partnership (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global) and the partnership level of an organisation is determined though the number of certification points it has accumulated.

What are the benefits of the ISTQB Partner Program?

The major benefits of the ISTQB Partner Program include:


  • Permission to use the ISTQB Partner Program logo (and other permitted marketing material) on organisational website.
  • Recognition of the organisation’s testing professionalism, both in the local and international market.
  • Official Recognition Letter, indicating identity/location, validity and level.
  • Listing of the organisation on the National ISTQB Member Board or Exam Provider website.
  • Special privileges in relation to ISTQB-related events and conferences.
  • Eligibility to receive alpha versions of the new ISTQB syllabi with the opportunity to contribute to their review.
  • Honorary membership of the exclusive” ISTQB Partner Forum”, which will allow Partners to receive news on the ISTQB Roadmap.
  • Local benefits from the National ISTQB Member Board.


Eligibility points

ISTQB partners will be eligible for a level of partnership that is based on the number of certification points they have accumulated (one point for each foundation certification).


The Program levels and necessary certification points are:


  • Silver - 5 certification points.
  • Gold - 14 certification points.
  • Platinum – 30 certification points.
  • Global (see below)


For the Gold and Platinum levels, there also a required minimum number of Advance Level Certificates:


  • Gold – 1 Advanced Level Certificate.
  • Platinum – 3 Advanced Level Certificates.


To achieve the Global Partner level, an organisation must have a minimum of two locations with Gold Partner status and one location with Platinum Partner status. In addition, the locations must be spread across at least two countries.


Notes: ISTQB reserves the right to change the rules of the partner Program, as long as six months’ notice is given.