ISTQB CTEL (Expert Level)

A testing expert is a person with special skills and knowledge representing mastery of a particular testing subject. Being an expert means possessing and displaying special skills and knowledge derived from training and experience.


A testing expert is one that has a broad understanding of testing in general, and an in-depth understanding in a specific test area. An in-depth understanding means sufficient knowledge of testing theory and practice to be able to influence the direction that an organisation and/or projects takes when creating, implementing and executing testing activities related to the specific area.


It is important to emphasize that an expert must embody both knowledge and the necessary skills to apply that knowledge in real-life situations.

There is a common understanding that an expert is often an expert in only a certain area of testing. This requires an ISTQB multi-module CTEL. As with the CTFL and the CTAL, the CTEL will be supported by clear learning objectives. The following CTEL modules are released and available.


  • Improving The Test Process

  • Test Management

  • Test Automation Engineering


At the time of writing, work on the Security testing module is ready to commence development work. The following subjects are currently considered as potential candidates for future development:


  • Agile testing

  • Model-based testing

  • Performance testing

  • Static testing

  • Test design techniques


Other subjects may be developed as the need arises.